RxPlay, a powerful playground for RxJS

Screenshot of the RxPlay playground app that shows the timeline of an active subscription.

Learn. Play. Build.

RxPlay provides powerful tools that help you working with RxJS.

The power of RxJS

RxPlay provides you all the great features of RxJS 7. Use the powerful code editor to create your stream. All your favorite operators are automatically available, you don't even have to care about imports.

You're in control

Create many different observables, create multiple subscriptions or and unsubscribe later. RxPlay gives you full control over your streams.

Timeline & Events

Create an observable and call subscribe - that's it. RxPlay automatically shows you all events, all created subscriptions, their status and operators and a timeline with all notifications.

API Docs

The RxJS API docs are just one click away. RxPlay provides a searchable, keyboard accessible list of all API elements with the one you just used at the top.

UI Elements

RxPlay gives you an easy-to-use API to render UI elements. Create streams of button clicks or a search input with the power of RxJS.

Share your code

You just created a powerful observable? Generate a unique link to share it with your co-workers.